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Forever In My Heart

A Story of Old St. Louis

In 1900 Victorian St. Louis, a romance between a young college student and her former high school teacher is not only forbidden-it is considered scandalous! Yet that is exactly what happens to Erin McLAughlin and Tim Sheehan. They continue their romance under the cloud of being discovered which could mean expulsion for her or loss of tenure for him, and it takes them through many twists and turns that lead them to a genuine western adventure-and eventually home to St. Louis. How all this affects their friends and families and their own futures as teachers makes for an exciting and fascinating read. If you have ever loved a teacher, you won't want to miss this one! It is something that will remain forever in your heart!



Patricia Griffin Ress aka Bernadette Bay O’Shaughnessy writes for a Louisiana newspaper and is the co-host of a Memphis,TN paranormal radio show-NIGHTSEARCH. She has written 28 books which include 2 novels and 3 DVDs and 1 movie on life-after-death experiences of time-travelers using the Gibbs HDR machine. In addition to this she is a former journalism scholarship winner and a FINALIST in the 2006 “Fresh Voices” novel writing contest(which involved this very novel). She has also written for several paranormal magazines including Prediction Magazine of Ft. Lauderdale,Fl AND URI GELLERS ENCOUNTERS MAGAZINE of Bournemouth, England.